Referral partnership is all about collaborating with a company or an individual for getting prospective leads to your website via their website, blog, Web page, group, email or through any other Internet-based link-sharing method.

HubSpot author Bill Cates has shared a 10-point checklist that is intended to guide marketers on starting a successful referral partnership.

Cates says, “Hopefully, you have already realized that a great Referral Partner can be worth a lot more to your business then any one client. My question for you is, “Do you have a clearly laid out plan — and are you working that plan — to meet great Referral Partners on a regular basis?”

Here is a 10-part checklist to maximize your partnership results.

1) Identify at least five categories of Referral Partners.

Every industry has what BNI founder and the “Father of Modern Marketing” Ivan Misner calls “Contact Spheres.” Identify at least five natural Referral Partner categories. Create a plan for meeting them.

2) Ask clients and other Referral Partners for introductions to more.

You can certainly meet potential Referral Partners at networking events, but your best source will always be your clients and other Referral Partners who can vouch for you and your product”.

Referral Partnership Checklist

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