According to a statista report, in 2015, 75.6% of US internet users made a purchase online and in 2017, this figure is expected to reach 78.4%. A right ecommerce strategy can help marketers reach the rising number of customers in US and worldwide.

Entrepreneur contributor Aaron Agius has shared five useful customer engagement metrics ecommerce sellers can track to improve their sales.

Agius says, “Driving the right type of buyers to your site and getting them to consistently convert at a profit is a complex process. You’ll increase your chances of success if you meticulously track your customer metrics and continuously make improvements according to the data.

Here are the five most important customer engagement metrics you should track if you want to prosper with ecommerce.

1. Cost per acquisition.

When using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to your ecommerce site, it’s important that you don’t destroy your profit margins. After you subtract your manufacturing and shipping costs from the retail price of your product, you will be left with a figure that indicates pure profit”.

Ecommerce Customer Engagement Metrics

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