With Instagram takeovers brands and influencers can collaborate and grow their audience by cross-promoting their content. Instagram takeover allows brands to take over someone else’s Instagram account temporarily and share content with their audience.

With an Instagram takeover brands can grow their Instagram audience, boost community engagement, promote an idea, product, or event and more.

HubSpot’s Sophia Bernazzani has shared a seven-step process to host an Instagram takeover.

Bernazzani says, “Instagram takeovers are mutually beneficial for the guest Instagrammer and the host account. The host can bring valuable new content to their followers without having to create it themselves, and the guest is able to reach an entirely new audience by posting on another account. Plus, Instagram takeovers help cultivate good-faith relationships between influencers that can create inroads for future collaboration and cross-promotion.

Now, let’s dive into how to get started with your Instagram takeover.

How to Host an Instagram Takeover

1) Choose what you want to accomplish.

It’s important to determine what you want to get out of an Instagram takeover before choosing a guest and executing. Ideally, your Instagram takeover will achieve multiple positive results, but choosing a primary goal of the campaign will help determine which type of guest to invite”.

Hosting an Instagram Takeover

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