The Google Webmasters blog has warned content publishers against increasing spammy links in “articles referred to as contributor posts, guest posts, partner posts, or syndicated posts”.

According to Google, the articles should be posted online for informing people and not just get backlinks and make money. Google has encouraged Internet users to fill up spam report form when they find an article that exists only for link building.

What happens when Google detects such links?

Google Webmasters team says, “When Google detects that a website is publishing articles that contain spammy links, this may change Google’s perception of the quality of the site and could affect its ranking. Sites accepting and publishing such articles should carefully vet them, asking questions like: Do I know this person? Does this person’s message fit with my site’s audience? Does the article contain useful content? If there are links of questionable intent in the article, has the author used rel=”nofollow” on them?”.

Google’s Warning Against Spammy Links in Large-scale Article Campaigns

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