JavaScript-enabled indexing allows webmasters to get closer to the search engine and see the page as the user sees it. MOZ’s Will Critchlow has shared an article on JavaScript-enabled indexing providing information and tips on it.

Critchlow says, “Despite the incredible work-arounds of the past (which always seemed like more effort than graceful degradation to me) the “right” answer has existed since at least 2012, with the introduction of PushState. Rob wrote about this one, too. Back then, however, it was pretty clunky and manual and it required a concerted effort to ensure both that the URL was updated in the user’s browser for each view that should be considered a “page,” that the server could return full HTML for those pages in response to new requests for each URL, and that the back button was handled correctly by your JavaScript”.

All You Need to Know About JavaScript Indexing

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