Google has announced the integration of Google Optimize with Adwords. This integration will help marketers to improve and personalize the landing pages their ads lead to.

Google Optimize provides marketers with an insight on which site experiences engage their customers and provides solutions to optimize websites and improve its performance.

Google AdWords team says, “The integration gives marketers a fast way to create and test custom landing pages based on the keyword, ad group, or campaign associated with an ad – with no need to deal with destination URLs or messy query parameters.

It’s worth it. 90% of organizations that invest in personalized consumer experiences agree that they contribute significantly to more business profitability.1

Suppose a hotel wants to improve its landing page for the keyword family friendly hotels. Using Optimize, the hotel can create and test a new variation of the landing page, one that features an image of a family enjoying themselves at the hotel pool, instead of a generic image of the hotel exterior. If the new page leads to more reservations, they’ve got a win. Then it’s easy to keep testing headlines and images that might also do well”.

Google Integrates Optimize and AdWords

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