Marketing Land and The Verge have reported the launch of Twitter’s Direct Message Card feature for advertisers. This feature will help businesses to prompt users to click on an automated reply button.

According to Twitter, with Direct Message Cards, businesses can capture people’s attention with engaging image or video feature four call-to-action buttons.

Marketing Land’s Tim Peterson says, “Twitter’s Direct Message Cards are supposed to push a private conversation past the awkward small-talk stage. In that way, they are similar to Twitter’s welcome messages and Facebook Messenger’s referral codes, both of which tailor a brand’s opening message based on the link a person clicked to open the conversation (or, in Messenger’s case, alternatively the QR-like code they scanned). The main difference with Direct Message Cards is that people can pick from multiple conversation-starters; advertisers can include up to four options in a single card”.

Read Twitter’s Direct Message Card Feature on Marketing Land and The Verge.

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