Successful marketing is the result of right combination of content and the tool which delivers it. Entrepreneur contributor Drew Hendricks has published a list of 50 marketing tools that can help marketers improve their efforts.

Hendricks says, “Knowledge is power in today’s marketing efforts. It is crucial that businesses have the latest solutions to track, analyze and personalize their marketing efforts.

For those that need some help determing the best tools to help their businesses excel, here are 50 of my favorites:

Finding influencers

  • Traackr—Locate relevant influencers and manage them.
  • GuestPost—Find high-profile sites and influencers accepting guest posts.
  • Mention—Track social mentions to identify influencers.
  • Twellow—Influencers are broken out by area of expertise with this tool
  • Klout—This Chrome extension reveals the Klout score of a content creator”.

Explore the full list of marketing tools.