Remarketing is re-contacting the prospects who have already shown interest in your products or services. In remarketing, marketers specialize and customize their search ads to target those prospects.

Usually, Google, AdRoll and Criteo are the major platforms which are considered for remarketing.

Michelle Cruz of Search Engine Land has shared tips for managing a successful Bing remarketing program. Cruz has listed the three-step process to start a Bing remarketing campaign.

Talking about the UET for Bing, Cruz says, “Bing remarketing relies upon the implementation of their Universal Event Tag (UET). Bing uses this single tag to track conversions and record what people do on your website. Based on various behaviors and actions, you can segment audiences and attempt to re-engage them. You can create a new UET tag on the Tags page, then copy it onto every page of your site that you want to be measured”.

Steps to Manage a Bing Remarketing Program

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