SEO is important for all. For Business-to-business companies, SEO plays the role in getting a good web rank to promotion of their products and services.

In his recent article Search Engine Land columnist Garrett Mehrguth has shared advice for the B2B companies on how to treat SEO.

Mehrguth says, “If your B2B SEO strategy is based around ranking your own website instead of positioning your brand, you’re missing the bigger picture. The reality is that your own website is no longer the best answer in Google’s mind for the keywords that are lowest in the funnel. Google favors independent websites that allow visitors to compare and review their options (you can thank Yelp for this).

In fact, an Avanade study found that 61 percent of B2B buyers look to third-party review sites before approaching a business. Thus, to drive success (marketing-qualified leads or revenue) via your digital placements, it’s critical that you generate reviews”.

B2B Companies should Think SEO – Differently

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