Google has launched ‘Google Lens’, an Artificial Intelligence powered visual search service that will allow its users to search with images. In a way Google has launched a new way where you can search the Internet through your smartphone camera.

Google Lens will be paired with Google Assistant and Google Photos.

Explaining how Google Lens will work, Wired’s David Pierce says, “Lens is essentially image search in reverse: you take a picture, Google figures out what’s in it. This AI-powered computer vision has been around for some time, but Lens takes it much further. If you take a photo of a restaurant, Lens can do more than just say “it’s a restaurant,” which you know, or “it’s called Golden Corral,” which you also know. It can automatically find you the hours, or call up the menu, or see if there’s a table open tonight”.

Explore more about Google Lens on Google I/O Blog

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