According to a Campaign Monitor report, use of video in email marketing can boost open rates by 19%, boost click-through rates by 65% and reduce unsubscribes by 26%. Video is also seen as a time saving tools that gets viral quickly and gets better results.

HubSpot’s y Kimbe MacMaster has shared three ways video can be integrated in emails for better prospecting, relationship-building and selling to achieve better open rate. MacMaster has shared three templates of email marketing in her article.

Here’s what MacMaster says on using video for relationship-building: “Sometimes, you already know your leads. You don’t need to introduce yourself and establish your position in the market: Your leads already know this information. But you do need to stay top-of-mind to keep building the relationship and be there when it comes time for them to make a decision. Focus your videos on:

  • Sharing marketing content
  • Using content from the web
  • Saying hello”.

3 Ways Video can Boost Your Email Open Rate

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