Big data is a large sets of data that can be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations. Big data is becoming a vital part of today’s marketing industry.

In a recent Entrepreneur article Andrew Medal has shared information on how big data can strengthen online advertising. The big data can be used to create targeted and personalized campaigns for targeting the right people with the right product.

On how big data can be used in advertising, Medal says, “Advertising agencies are able to gather information about consumers’ motivations: Are customers motivated by the latest tech trends? Is there a subgroup within your client base that are more reserved when it comes to spending?

These are the types of insights that can be gained from big data.

The secret lies in measuring impressions and learning user behavior. We already know that almost a quarter of video ads are viewed by bots and not humans. This means that for the biggest advertising companies in the world, a significant proportion of impressions aren’t being shown to human beings. The implication is substantial as ad campaigns are not being exposed to the very audience which will be spending money. As a result, there is a growing and crucial demand to expose ad fraud and non-human impressions”.

Use Big Data for Ad Targeting

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