Digital Marketing Depo is hosting a webinar on ‘Track, qualify & convert your leads using call and SMS data’ on Thursday, May 18 at 1.00 pm EDT. This webinar will help marketers explore trends driving inbound calls, and how they can leverage them to ramp up multichannel campaign results.

Digital Marketing Depo team says, “New marketing technologies are making it faster and easier for customers to reach your business over the phone. Voice search now accounts for 20% of queries on Google’s mobile app and Android devices. Inbound call volume is continuing to increase even as messaging apps and chatbots become more popular. Facebook expects 37 billion call conversions by 2019, as social media’s share of mobile calls to businesses explodes.

These trends, along with advances in lead tracking powered by machine learning, are enabling digital marketers to extract, attribute, and integrate inbound data like never before. The results are better lead qualification, more effective budget allocation, and improved tracking of the buyer’s journey across campaigns”.

‘Track, qualify & convert your leads using call and SMS data’ Webinar

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