Crafting effective reports is an art. A good report presents a clear picture of the work done. Same is the case with SEO report where a client is told about the SEO initiatives taken and the output.

MOZ’s Jo Cameron has shared some insightful graphi-rich tips to help marketers prepare effective SEO reports.

Cameron says, “The overabundance of keywords has become a bit of a challenge for SEOs. Google is better at gauging user intent — it’s kind of their thing, right? This results in the types of keywords that send traffic to your clients expanding, and it’s becoming trickier to track every. single. keyword. Of course, with a budget big enough almost anything is possible, but why hemorrhage cash on tracking the keyword minutiae when you can wrangle intelligent data by tracking a sample of keywords from a few pots?

With Keyword Explorer, you can save your foraged terms to lists. By bundling together similar “species,” you’ll get a top-level view of the breadth and depth of search behavior within the categories of your niche”.

How to Create Effective SEO Reports

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