According to a Marketing Land report, for AdSense policy violations Google has started taking page-level actions intead of entire websites.

With this step, AdSense policy violations will be addressed more surgically and advertisers will be provided with the information about enforcements and how to address them.

On how the new AdSense policy works, Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin says, “When a page is found in violation of a policy, publishers will get notified by the policy team via email that says something like, “We’ve discovered one new page on your sites that don’t comply with AdSense policies.”

In the new policy center section, publishers will be able to see details on any site-level or page-level enforcement. Clicking on a page-level enforcement will show what policy is violated, the current status and the enforcement date. Publishers can then get more details on how to resolve the problem and request a review of the page. Page-level reviews will take roughly one week to complete. Publishers can also choose to remove ad code from that particular page”.

Google Taking Page-level Actions for AdSense Policy Violations

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