Artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of marketing and many other industries. AI can be integrated into search engines, content curation, fraud prevention etc. as far as online marketing efforts are concerned.

Econsultancy’s Tink Taylor has shared four ways marketers can get themselves ready before they venture into AI implementation.

Taylor says, “Today, that potential is starting to be realised: AI is progressively becoming a fundamental part of many business strategies. In fact, within the most innovative organisations, AI usage has become a central part of their current strategy. Google uses Rankbrain, for example, to decipher natural language search queries while website design platform, The Grid, uses AI to automate several of the usually tedious coding processes.

Aiming to capitalise on our digital-first world, many marketing teams have earmarked AI as potential cornerstone in their future strategies. Indeed, a report late last year found that 68% of CMOs are now planning for business in the AI era, while a further 55% expect the technology to have a bigger impact on marketing and communications than social media”.

Four Tips to Prepare Yourself to Use AI into Marketing

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