Google has added a new feature to AdSense called ‘Ad balance’ to help advertisers serve better ads to their users.

More about ‘Ad balance’:

  • Ad balance allows advertisers to reduce the number of ads they show to users
  • It also helps them see how changes in the volume of ads you show affect earnings.

On impact og ‘Ad balance’,  AdSense Software Engineer Dongcai Shen says, “By only showing your best-performing ads, you may see a minimal drop in your earnings. However, these changes may result in an overall earnings increase, since an improvement of the user experience often leads to users staying longer on your site and engaging with more of your content.

Ad balance is the first example of a Lab that’s being made available to all publishers. Those of you who had the Show fewer ads lab enabled have been automatically moved over to Ad balance”.

AdSense’s ‘Ad balance’ Feature Helps Advertisers Create Better Ads

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