Online payment security is a concern of every person who is invlolved in online purchase or an online business. According to Nasdaq, 70% of fraud victims say they will not do business with the company that failed to protect their data.

Online businesses can promote themselves in terms of loyalty and increase the perceived value of their offering by providing a way to pay in a secure manner.

Entrepreneur’s Kristen Gramigna says, ”

Secure payments serve a functional purpose in your business, but they can also serve double duty as a marketing benefit — particularly now that so many customers have experienced card fraud or security breaches.

Prove that you understand their concerns.

More than 40 percent of consumers surveyed by Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) reported having personally experienced some form of credit card fraud — and nearly half of them had fallen victim to it on more than one occasion. Your payment security isn’t just a value-added benefit to consumers who have experienced fraud; it’s a solution to a problem that they have experienced. Your business’s willingness to invest in payment security and make it a priority ensures that customers who buy from you can trust that their information will be kept safe”.

Boost Your Online Business with Secure Payments

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