In this multi-device, marketers are facing challenge to reach customers on computers, tablets and mobile. When it comes to mobile, it has created a huge opportunity for the markters to reach all – young and old who are connected to Internet almost all the time.

Markters have realized this and so according to an eMarketer report, 57% of them plan to focus more on cross-channel measurement in 2017.

Here are more findings presented in the report:

  • 40% marketers intend to occupy their time on advertising content
  • 38% plan to spend more on programmatic media buying
  • Around 22% marketers are going to focus on online retargeting and the same number of marketers are planning to spend time on online-to-offline retargeting
  • 47% marketers stated that they will invest time in programatic media buying for established formats.

Explore more findings from the eMarketer report.

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