According to Wikipedia, post-truth is the repeated assertion of talking points to which factual rebuttals are ignored. In this era, marketers need new strength to deal with their customers.

Entrepreneur writer Tomar Shiren has shared four tips to redefine sales and marketing in this new era. He has focused on the elements such as defining standards for truth, making truth a part of culture, measuring and reinforcing etc.

Shiren says, “In the Post-Truth Era, you might be wondering, Will I need to be even more liberal in my treatment of “the truth” just to keep up with my competitors? Actually, now seems like the perfect time to make truth a priority: You can differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your chances for long-term loyalty and customer growth by emphasizing clarity, honesty and reality.

Stretching the truth, on the other hand, is tempting; but misleading customers can have disastrous consequences. One recent example was Volkswagen’s fuel efficiency claims for its diesel vehicles, which resulted in billions of dollars of lost value. Another was the Irish meat company Tesco, which lost over $400 million in market cap in its horse meat fiasco. Trust and credibility are hard to come by, and very easy to lose”.

Four Ways You Can Grow Sales and Marketing in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era

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