Econsultancy and Adestra have published 2017 Email Marketing Industry Census which reveals many facts on email marketing and the areas of it where marketers want to improve.

The results are compiled based on a survey of 1200 marketers.

Here are the key findings from the 2017 Email Marketing Census:

  • 30% marketers plan to focus more on ‘Personalisation’ in email marketing during 2017
  • 67% marketers stated that they have been ‘very’ or ‘quite’ successful in implementing automated email marketing programmes
  • 66% selected ‘marketing automation capability’ as most important features of an email service provider’s technology platform
  • 71% companies have adopted personalisation in their email campaigns
  • 90% marketers said that they have some form of strategy for optimising email marketing for different devices.

Here is what David Moth says on email automation: “The increased use of automated email marketing is a key theme of this year’s Email Census as marketers strive to get better return on investment from this channel, while simultaneously offering a more relevant, timely and targeted experience to subscribers”.

Exmplre more findings from 2017 Email Marketing Industry Census.

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