In a recent NYTime report titled Why Instagram Is Becoming Facebook’s Next Facebook, Farhad Manjoo has explained how Instagram is growing quickly.

According to Manjoo, this social network reached 500 million to 600 million users in a period of six months and a recent report suggest that Instagram now has 700 million monthly users.

Talking about the changes the site is incorporating, Manjoo says, “Instagram is now substantially changing the daily experience of using the service at a speed that would ordinarily feel reckless for a network of its size. But rather than alienating existing users, its confident moves seem to be paying off”.

On how Instagram acquired recent 100 million users, Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram, says, “The primary reason we’ve scaled more quickly in the last 100 million is that we’ve figured out that as we’ve scaled, we’ve had to unbreak ourselves. What he meant was that Instagram systematically analyzed all the bottlenecks to its service and tried to eliminate them. Then it looked for potential opportunities to better serve users and tried to put them in place as fast as possible”.

Why Instagram Is Becoming Facebook’s Next Facebook

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