Marketing measurement, a systematic management of marketing resources to achieve measurable gain in return on investment, is challenge for marketers in this multichannel and multidevice world.

Econsultancy and Google have revealed the results of a research on challenges of measurement in a mobile, multichannel and multidevice world, according to Stefan Tornquist of Econsultancy.

Here are some of the findings:

  • 58% marketers believe that first-party data is a strategic asset that informs their decision-making
  • 73% of marketers are comfortable using proxies to tie media metrics with business outcomes
  • 80% of enterprise level marketers use some level of testing
  • 56% organizations dedicate time and budget to strategic experimentation.

As a part of the same research has also posted Tornquist some findings on Reorienting to the customer journey.

Explore More Findings from Google-Econsultancy Research

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