For becomeing successful in the marketing domain, one must be good at understanding the data and rightly acting upon it. The programmatic advertising has opened new doors for the data-driven marketing.

Correct and approapriate data can help marketers to execute campaigns that would get higher success rates as compared to the ones lacking in data.

Marketing Land columnist Grace Kaye has shared some useful insights on usging data in the marketing process.

Kaye says, “A well-managed programmatic campaign should help a brand know its customers well beyond its original understanding. The insights gained also can be used to shape a brand’s marketing strategy, so long as marketers are willing to act upon them.

With a financial services client, for example, we identified that the most likely time for customers to search for a loan was during the first two weekdays of the month, which led to an obvious, highly productive change in their marketing strategy.

With another client in the same sector, targeting ads to commuters drove a much higher performance. Insights from the data led our client to design ads, related to contactless card payments on the tube, personalized for commuters”.

Right Use of Data Can Help You Deliver Relevant Ads

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