Email marketers use breakup emails to provoke a response from a prospect who so not respond. This tactic helps email marketers generate more responses as compared to the traditional emails.

According to Katharine Derum, senior sales manager at HubSpot, her team sees a 33% response rate to their breakup emails.

HubSpot’s Michael Pici has shared three examples of breakup emails that work.

Pici says, “The traditional breakup email doesn’t work as well as it used to. Prospects are tired of reps asking if they can close their file or if they haven’t responded because they’ve been eaten by a bear.

I haven’t responded to a single breakup email following the standard format for a couple months. However, I recently got one I replied to immediately. Read on to see what it said and why it worked, as well as a sales email template you can use with your own prospects.

The Breakup Email That Prompted Me to Respond Right Away

Some background: I’d had two calls with this salesperson about her tool. Although it seemed like a good fit, I decided the problem it solved wasn’t high-priority enough right now”.

Use Breakup Email to Get Quicker Responses

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