In email marketing, segmentation helps marketers serve right content to their subscribers at the right time. It leads the email campaigns toward higher success levels.

Segementation is one of the easiest techniques marketers can adopt to launch automate email campaigns.

AWeber’s Monica Montesa has shared some useful tips to use segmentation for running automated welcome campaigns.

Montesa says, “With email automation, you can nurture relationships and save valuable time by letting your emails do all the work for you. With segmentation, you can send more relevant content to targeted subscribers who want it most.

And when you combine the two together, you enter a whole new world of targeted content and efficiency.

There are many ways in which to create targeted email campaigns, and an automated welcome series is a perfect place to start.

Targeted welcome campaigns based on your subscribers’ interests allow you to:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Send hyper-relevant information from the get-go
  • Learn important information about your unique subscribers.”

Strengthen Targeted, Automated Welcome Campaigns Through Segmentation

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