MOZ’s popular MozCon 2017 event will be held on July 17-19 at Seattle, WA. This three-day event will have expert sessions on SEO, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, customer experience, social and content marketing, and more.

Key speakers of MozCon 2017 are Dawn Anderson, Matthew Barby, Rob Bucci, Stephanie Chang, Rand Fishkin , Oli Gardner and more.

The following workshops will be held during the MozCon 2017:

  • The 10 Jobs of SEO-focused Content with Rand Fishkin
  • Keyword Targeting for RankBrain and Beyond with Dr. Pete Meyers
  • Make the Most of Moz Pro: Insider Tips & Tricks with Brian Childs
  • Risk Averse Link Building at Scale with Russ Jones
  • Technical KPI-driven SEO Audits with Britney Muller.

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