Mobile marketing is seen as a fruitful way to reach out millions of consumers worldwide. It has helped barnds land their message direct to the target audiences.

Marketers are in constant action to improve their mobile marketing to achieve better result. Forrester’s Thomas Husson advises marketers to constantly optimization mobile for unlocking mobile’s full potential. He also states that the use of mobile can transform the brand experience.

Husson says, “Too few marketers think of mobile as an opportunity to transform the brand experience. To truly differentiate themselves, marketers should develop mobile-unique interactions delivering visible value with apps, messaging, and online-to offline tactics.

To rethink how mobile could transform the customer journey, marketers should use ethnographic research and journey maps to develop a more holistic vision of their customer behaviors that leverage contextual data. Testing and learning will not be enough — the use of optimization techniques must be systematic”.

Constant Optimization Can Lead to Better Mobile Mareting Results

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