Data, Big Data and Analysis are the terms that define action around today’s marketing efforts. But at the base of the quality marketin remains quality data.

According to writer Jasmine Morgan, data quality is non-negotiable and it plays the key role in planning and executing the marketing efforts.

On improvement of data quality, Morgan states: “First we need to understand that there are many reasons for the poor quality of data, not only the two aforementioned initial capturing errors or later errors concerning poor stewardship of the data. Master Data Management (or MDM) is complex and continuous and can require the recruitment of several specialists, depending on the company’s IT depth of skills. It is often beyond the capabilities of the company, and it might be advisable to contract data specialists for preparing data structures for analysis. While there are software tools available for data cleansing, it tends to be an iterative process, depending on the quality defects encountered”.

Marketing Needs Quality Data Before Big Data and Predictive Analytics

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