Email marketing is ruling when it comes to the most effective ways to market online. But achieving good email open rate and response rate remains a big challenge for the marketers. HubSpot’s Dailius R. Wilson has shared a three-step proess which can help marketers achieve 40% email response rate.

Wilson says, “In sales, there is something better than the freebies you get at every event: Warm introductions. If you ask any C-level executive or above, they are 10 times more likely to respond to your email or phone call if you have been referred by a person they like, trust, or respect.

Most outreach emails with no context generate a 1-2% response rate. I find that my warm referrals normally receive a 40% response rate, which is conservatively 20 to 40 times better than a standard email. The 10X number I quoted above is the bare minimum you should aim for when starting new relationships”.

3-Step Process to Get a 40% Email Response Rate

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