Robert Katai of Content Marketing Institute has posted an article showing importance of visual content.

Visual content enables the marketers to give an emotional touch to the marketing efforts. UX/UI designer, web designer, graphic designer, creative director, visual content creator and art director play vital role in the development fo the visual content that leads to successful marketing.

Katai says, “If you think creating a lot of content will bring you the results you want, well my friend, let me tell you that you are wrong. Creating a lot of content, articles, videos, and social media posts won’t get you more clicks, leads, or whatever else you want to get.

When I asked designer Paul Jarvis what content marketers need to know, I assumed he would reply in three words: Keep it simple. But I was wrong (and right):

Less is always more. Non-designers seem to always want to add elements, more fonts, more colors, more stuff to designs to make it ‘pop’ or stand out. When design, professional design, works best when it’s focused and to the point“.

Importance of Visual Content in your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Institute

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