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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Vimeo Launches New Video Interaction Tools

Vimeo has launched new video interaction tools with updated end screens, mobile-friendly cards and email capture forms. The new set of tools is available to its Business Membership subscribers. According to Vimeo, the new tools will help video creators to drive more engagement. On inclusion on email capture forms, Vimeo staff says, “Vimeo Business members can now put email capture forms at any point before, during, or after each video. You can also give your viewers the options to opt out of it, if you so choose. As with cards and calls to action, you can include a message to match... [...]

Proven strategies for conversion (Free ticket to online event) #ad

The Sales Conversion Success Summit begins next week, on June 6-9. The lineup of speakers is impressive. Over 20 top expert marketers will be sharing the tactics they use to increase their sales online, including these top experts: • Dr. Ivan Misner, • Marisa Murgatroyd, • Tyson Quick, • Heather Morgan, • Jeb Blount, • Matthew Pollard, • Viveka von Rosen, • Ian Lurie, • Ryan Urban, • and more. If you aren’t familiar with some of these people, check out their bio information here: Sales Conversion Success Summit Speakers. This can be an unprecedented... [...]

Instagram Placement for Click To Messenger Ads Available Now

Facebook has announced the launch of Instagram as a placement for Click To Messenger Ads. This will serve “ads that take people directly into a Messenger conversation with businesses or brands that matter to them”. According to Facebook, 1.2 billion people use Messenger every month and 20 million active Pages use messaging each month. This is how the Click To Messenger Ads work: “Click to Messenger ads can be placed on both Facebook and Instagram to further extend their reach. Instagram click to Messenger ads are available via Ads Manager, Power Editor and the API—in... [...]

87% Customers Want to Buy Products Directly from Brands

According to a Brandshop survey, 87% participants plan to make a purchase directly from a brand. The survey covered 1242 US consumers. 83% of them shop online at least once a month and 63% are highly satisfied with the retailers. 78% of the consumers make frequent purchases on Amazon. The report states that 90% of the consumers visit a brand’s website or shop. When it comes to consumers’ pre-purchase research, 56% research with Google and other search engines, 29% relay on Amazon and other retailers and 16% depend on emails and social networks. Advising the marketers on today’s... [...]

Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts with Authentic Long-Form Storytelling

According to Brookings, 90% of young people favor brands that are committed to good causes. It means that if you can successfully connect your branding efforts with a social cause, there are more chances of success. Rupert Maconick has published an article on AdWeek justifying how feature-length documentaries can make big impact on marketing. On inclusion of authentic content in the advertisements, Maconick says, “While many advertisers continue to toil in the realm of short-form branded content, a far better option for brands looking to reach consumers with socially responsible messages... [...]

Ad Fraud Losses May Decline by 10% in 2017

According to AdWeek, online ad fraud related loses my decline by 10% this year. Earlier such losses were predicted to reach $7.2 billion which has come down to $6.5 billion. According to Marty Swant of AdWeek, this new prediction will help marketers to rightly allocate their budgets. Bob Liodice, CEO, ANA, says, “Marketers worldwide are successfully adopting strategies and tactics to fight digital ad fraud. This is a powerful indicator that the war on digital ad fraud is winnable for those who establish proper controls and protocols. And that is exceptionally good news for the advertising,... [...]

SEO Tips for AngularJS Frameworks

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. This open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals. Sites like,, and have been using this framework. The AngularJS enables websites to dynamically update a single HTML page as users click on various links. MOZ writer JR Ridley has posted an article on AngularJS and he has included a five-step SEO solution for it. Ridley says, “After working with several clients on their SPA websites, we’ve developed a process for performing... [...]

Tips to Establish Better Communication with Your Clients

Communication is the backbone of any organization and it plays very important role in connecting the company with customers. In today’s era, offering a great customer experience is the goal of every brand where communication helps. Entrepreneur contributor Mike Taylor has posted an article offering four ways to enhancing communication with the customers. On establishing the first impression, Taylor says, “We’ve all heard that first impressions are everything, and business is no different. In fact, first impressions are even more important for businesses because prospects... [...]

Use Medium for Pure Blogging

For those who want to have a blog but do not wish to hosting, design and building audience, Medium is an easier option. Entrepreneur writer Lesya Liu has posted a comprehensive article introducing this blogging platform launched by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Liu says, “The home page features the most popular stories as well as articles handpicked by Medium staff, so if your content ends up landing a spot there, the chances of it going viral are high. Some people treat it as their personal blog where they share their thoughts, some treat it as another platform... [...]

‘See how Kissmetrics drives engagement to increase conversion rates’ Webinar, June 1

Kissmetrics is hosting a webinar on ‘Be engaging: See how Kissmetrics drives engagement to increase conversion rates’ on Thursday, June 1 at 10.00 am PT. This webinar will focus on importance of engaging prospects and customers with timely, relevant content and features. Webinar speakers Brian Kelly, CEO, Kissmetrics Andrew Wyatt, Product Manager, Kissmetrics Kissmetrics team says, “Join us for a webinar where you’ll learn how to: Leverage behavioral data to segment and monitor your audience to know where you can improve and where you should focus Amaze your... [...]