Andy Taylor says, “There are plenty of options for particular metrics to drive paid search programs toward, but not every KPI is created equal. Here, we’ll dive into what your preferred KPI says about you and provide recommendations to help you assess whether your KPI reflects the goals you care about.

All insights are at least slightly hyperbolic and assume you have a one-track mind for your KPI of choice. I bet some of you out there can keep two, three, maybe even more KPIs in mind when managing accounts, as you should. You’ll just have to meld the descriptions to uncover those deep insights into your psyche that you’re reading this to find.

Click-through rate

You waaaaaaant them to want you.

You neeeeeeed them to need you.

Some brands care a lot about how likely a user is to click on an ad, and for good reason. Click-through rate (CTR) is a key component of Quality Score, which Google uses to determine both how well an ad ranks and what price an advertiser must pay for clicks. Higher CTR means better rank and lower cost per click (CPC)”.

What your paid search KPI says about you

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