Alex Jasin says, “A severe case of writer’s block could lead you to rethink how often you publish.

But here’s the thing: Publishing regularly gives you a chance to be an authority in your field by consistently providing value to your audience. It gives you a chance to engage them in the comments, social media, and email. Most importantly, it lets you create a relationship with your audience.

Instead of battling your writer’s block by publishing less, combat it by finding muses that help you deliver relevant content to your audience. Here are six tips.

1. Look for inspiration in keywords

Keywords serve as an indicator to search engines what your topic is about. Keyword research can help you find and connect with your audience more effectively.

By noting the most popular keywords in your niche, you can tell the type of content your target audience is looking for. Then you can move forward and create that content”.

6 Quick-and-Dirty Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Content Marketing Institute

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