Tim Peterson says, “Audience growth is no longer a problem for Twitter. That’s great, especially since Twitter has plenty of new problems.

In the first quarter of 2017, Twitter’s overall revenue declined year over year for the first time ever, and its advertising revenue declined for the second straight quarter. That’s bad, right? Apparently not to Wall Street investors. Despite the revenue declines, Twitter’s stock price was up by more than 10 percent after the company released its quarterly earnings report on Wednesday.

What gives?

For starters, Wall Street analysts expected Twitter to have a really bad quarter, revenue-wise. Twitter beat those low expectations. Twitter also showed that it has overcome the audience growth struggles that have plagued the company for the past few years.

In Q1 2016, Twitter’s year-over-year growth in both monthly audience and daily audience accelerated for the fourth straight quarter. The number of people checking Twitter each month increased by 6 percent year over year to 328 million people, and the number of people checking Twitter each day increased by 14 percent year over year, though Twitter still doesn’t say exactly how big its daily audience is”.

What marketers should know about Twitter’s Q1 2017 earnings

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