Marsha Hunt says, “All B2B marketers and business owners are on a constant search for ways to grow their company. One of the keys to success for any small company or startup is growth hacking. Growth hacking allows you to find the most effective marketing channels and take advantage of them to connect with your audience and scale your business. Growth hacking tools can measure the performance of your marketing campaigns across different platforms. You can then use the information you gather to find the best ways to engage your audience.

Why focus on growth hacking?

It’s critical for B2B startups and small companies to grow quickly without spending much money, and growth hacking can help you do exactly that. You can gain valuable information about your audience and their purchasing patterns by combining tools that help you measure the efficacy of your digital marketing strategy. Growth hacking encompasses several different tactics to improve your traffic and online visibility. Besides implementing tools to measure your success, you should also:

  • Get user feedback, and make adjustments accordingly
  • Use testimonials and implement other conversion rate optimization techniques
  • Create relevant, shareable content”.

5 B2B Growth Hacking Tools for Your Business


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