John Boitnott says, “Live video marketing has become a must-do trend in the digital marketing community. Thanks to Snapchat, Facebook Live and other competing social media that connect users to brands in real-time, there’s been a surge in content creation that boosts social presence and builds brand loyalty while live streaming.

It’s a no-brainer because from what I’ve seen these companies seem to give more exposure to live streams. They want live video to be seen as effective. I believe they want to use it to ensure deeper involvement from brands who may pay more for their streams to be seen down the line. It’s all part of being profitable and making shareholders happy right?

One of the most valuable byproducts of livestreaming is that it bridges the gap between clients and brands and allows for a much more intimate interaction. In essence, it’s a video marketing strategy that brings us back to a time when we could physically and emotionally interact with other people who represented the brand we were crazy about.

In this day and age, however, thanks to our incredible technological landscape, it can be easy to feel out of touch with others, and more so with the brands we love. As the retail business declines and online shopping grows, marketers are embracing and adapting to new digital marketing strategies — like livestreaming — to keep their products and services competitive, while also ensuring they remain ever-present in the lives of consumers”.

How to Ride the Livestreaming Wave to Marketing Success


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