Barry Schwartz says, “Today, Google has reaffirmed that 15 percent of Google searches done by users on a daily basis have never been seen before. Google said this back in 2013 and now has restated that metric as Google announced Project Owl this morning.

Google wrote:

There are trillions of searches on Google every year. In fact, 15 percent of searches we see every day are new — which means there’s always more work for us to do to present people with the best answers to their queries from a wide variety of legitimate sources. While our search results will never be perfect, we’re as committed as always to preserving your trust and to ensuring our products continue to be useful for everyone.

Last year, Google told us they handle over 2 trillion searches per year. In 2012, Google claimed they processed 1.2 trillion searches per year. Google did not give a more specific number today, saying “trillions” of searches are performed yearly on Google”.

Google reaffirms 15% of searches are new, never been searched before

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