Parker Davis says, “A lot of online marketers to figure out how to convert leads into buys. This is where a lot of marketers get stuck. Their mind keeps going back to the same thing; we need more traffic!

If we need to increase sales, we think of it as a traffic problem. But a lack of traffic is rarely the problem. You can throw $20 into a Facebook ad and instantly generate enough traffic to sell your product or service. A lot of these marketers are throwing thousands of dollars at their ads, but the focus is still on driving traffic.

It’s important to figure out what the real issue is. You’re not having a traffic problem. You have plenty of traffic as it is and adding more traffic will not help you if you do not know how to convert that traffic. For whatever reason, your content, your blog, your website’s sales page, your opt-in, etc. are failing at taking the plentiful traffic you already have and turning traffic into sales.

Here are five easy tactics you can employ to convert traffic.

Strategy #1: Follow Amazon

Amazon might not be a perfect website, but just digging around and taking a good look at things can give you ideas and inspire you in ways that will help you convert your traffic”.

5 Easy Tactics That Optimize Conversion Rates

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