Daniel Knowlton says, “Have you tried putting together a list of top industry influencers?

Curating and publishing this type of list, while reaching out to featured influencers, is proven to create a large amount of exposure for your blog from a highly targeted audience.

This tutorial will walk you through the process. Though I focused on social media influencers, the process can work for just about any industry.

How is this different from every other influencer list strategy?

First off, this strategy uses a proven process that has delivered significant exposure to my content more than once. In addition, this strategy ensures that the list is completely credible. An external tool is used to calculate and rank the top influencers on the topic of your choice.

1. Choose a topic to focus on

One of the simplest ways to choose an influencer list topic is to just focus on your industry, for example “farming,” “manufacturing” or “technology.” However, consider narrowing your topic to research popular themes related to your industry”.

A Proven Process to Curate and Publish a Roundup of Industry Influencers

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