Barry Levine says, “Pega is today joining the growing number of companies that are setting up conversational bot interfaces for their products.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based firm offers a customer relationship management system and an application development platform, which together can be utilized by client companies to readily construct customer-facing applications for customer management, business process management, case management and other purposes.

It is today announcing Intelligent Virtual Assistants, which are AI-powered conversational bot interfaces that clients can use for any of the constructed applications. The Assistants allow clients to set up interactions with their customers through pre-configurations for Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Pega’s client companies can also extend the Assistants for use on WeChat, Skype, Slack and Yammer.

For instance, a bank might have previously used the Pega platform to build web-based interaction so that, for instance, a customer might log onto the bank’s site to change her address. But, if the bank wanted the customer to use Facebook Messenger to change her address, they would have had to build it themselves”.

Pega adds conversational bots as front-ends for its platform

Martech Today

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