Daniel Gilbert says, “Making good things better is… good. Take campaign-level audiences — they’re good, but wouldn’t meta-campaign-level audiences be even better? Sure.

To reiterate, campaign level audiences are great. You don’t have quite as fine control as with ad group-level audiences (and it’s annoying you can’t have ad group and campaign audiences together!), but they’re much easier to keep track of, because there are a lot fewer of them.

(Plus, there’s a pesky limit of 5 million ad group targeting criteria in an account — which sounds like a lot but is easy to eat up when you’ve got lots of keywords, lots of negatives, a granular structure, duplication for different locations, and then want a handful of audiences in each group.)

But there’s still some slightly tedious work involved in making sure you’ve attached audiences to all campaigns. And not to be rude to humans, but this does leave room for some good old human error (e.g., forgetting to add to new campaigns, for whatever reason).

Obviously, the tech team at Brainlabs (my employer) couldn’t resist the opportunity for some script-based innovation. It’s a bit like the one I shared a few months ago to copy extensions and lists across your account, which was a classic. You set up the audiences (and bid adjustments) you want in one campaign, then the script uses that as a template and copies those audiences to all the other campaigns”.

Here’s a script that copies audiences to all your campaigns

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