Barry Levine says, “Last year, testing service Optimizely said it was going beyond A/B as it launched Optimizely X, which it described as the “world’s first experimentation platform.”

Today, the San Francisco-based company is reinforcing that identity by announcing it has purchased Experiment Engine, founded in 2014 and based in Austin, Texas. It provides a platform for conducting A/B tests to increase sales. Deal terms were not made public.

Optimizely said that the acquisition will allow it to offer better capabilities for managing optimization experiments, with tools for project management, reporting, analysis and program oversight.

The tools allow team members to track testing progress, track and export results like win rate, prioritize testing and set up hypotheses for companies that run many tests throughout a year.

Experiment Engine built its offering on Optimizely’s open developer platform as a tech partner, using the open APIs.

The CEO and founder of Experiment Engine, Claire Vo, and several team members are joining Optimizely to manage her product and team as the tech is integrated, which Optimizely said is planned for completion by the end of this year”.

Optimizely buys Experiment Engine for its optimization tools

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