Allison Enright says, “ Inc., the largest online retailer in North America and Europe, has released its 2016 annual report. Data in the report shows where and how Amazon generates revenue, and the contributions of each business segment.

By key geographic market

Amazon generates two-thirds of its total revenue from its business interests in the United States, including its retail business, marketplace, seller services and its computing business, Amazon Web Services. Amazon’s next-largest markets for sales are Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

By business segment

Retail products Amazon sells directly to consumers (where Amazon is the seller of record) accounted for $91.43 billion of Amazon’s 2016 revenue, or 67.2%.

Revenue generated as a result of the services it offers other online merchants (third-party seller services) accounted for $22.99 billion in revenue, or 16.9%”.

How and where Amazon drives sales

Internet Retailer

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