Joe Griffin says, “The vast majority of content writers are generalists. They are talented with language; they understand how to structure effective blog posts, lists, guides, etc. However, their biggest challenge is learning how to write from a place of true knowledge and not broad conviction.

The nurturing process for content writers has far less to do with helping them become better writers (that’s a given) and more to do with teaching them how to learn a new landscape quickly and effectively. It’s unrealistic to expect a new writer to get his or her bearings perfectly without adequate instruction.

If your challenge is in nurturing content creators on your team, here are three best practices so they can become industry experts in record time:

1. Help them know what they don’t know

Before writers can effectively craft that first sentence, they need to know their boundaries. They need to know their audience. And most importantly, they need to know what big conversations are happening in the particular field”.

3 Best Practices to Nurture a Content Writer Into an Industry Expert

Content Marketing Institute

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