Nikki Gilliland says, “It’s a hard thing for a writer to admit, but sometimes, it can be downright tricky to find the right words. When it comes to searching for products online, it’s usually much easier to imagine what you want than describe it.

Luckily, visual search is helping to change this, making it much easier for consumers to find exactly what it is they’re looking for.

I attended Brighton SEO last week, where Purma Virji from Microsoft gave a talk all about this topic.

So, what exactly is visual search, and more specifically, how is it changing the way we buy online? With inspiration from Purma’s talk, here’s a bit of elaboration on the subject along with a few brand examples.

Visual search + artificial intelligence

Visual search works by comparing the pixels in imagery to identify and return results that are similar.

So, instead of typing in a keyword such as ‘black mini dress’ – which will return thousands of general results – users can upload an image to help narrow it down to something much more specific”.

How visual search is helping ecommerce brands


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