Pratik Dholakiya says, “As all SEO experts know, ranking in the search engines is a notoriously unpredictable pursuit. Each update can result in a strong, unforeseeable impact. The days of ranking by simply adding keywords to your title tags, header tags and content to get a few backlinks are over. The harsh truth is that a great many businesses struggle to keep up with the changes.

There are a lot of factors that the search engines take into account when determining your standing. Some of the big ones are:

  • content quality
  • authority
  • responsiveness
  • website speed

Knowing how exactly to improve upon these is a lot easier said than done. Therefore, there will always be a need to perform a quality audit. Keep in mind that an in-depth audit is not a task you can do in a couple of hours. Depending on the size of your business website, it can take a few days to complete.

Throughout the auditing process, there are several key oversights that can spell disaster for your rankings on the SERPs. Let’s talk about four of them.

1. Walking before you crawl

First off, in order to diagnose problems on your website, you need to have a clear and complete picture of what exactly you are working with”.

4 mistakes to avoid during a website audit

Search Engine Land

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