If, as we said in our last post, positive disruption is the path to success, attempted disruption based on small ideas that don’t really disrupt form the path to failure.

There are a lot of areas where disruption has already occurred so effectively that extreme creativity and a lot of money are needed to come up with something reallt new. Most new products in these areas are not very new; they are just minor improvements on what was already available.

If you want do make an impact with your novel ideas, there are better places to start.

There’s a recent (well, not very recent, but still fresh) article on Quora by Lee Semel, filled with warnings about ventures (mostly online or technology driven) that are often considered by entrepreneurs, but are overworked or very hard to get right. The whole article consists of things he considers bad ideas for building a business on.

Read Semel’s article here: What are some startup ideas that frequently fail?


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