John Hughes says, “Moving your website from one host to another is often touted as a complicated process, but it can actually be quite simple. All it takes is a few steps, and your site will be up and running once more – this time on a different (and better) host. The only trick lies in pulling off the process with no downtime.

If there’s one thing you never want your website to be, it’s down for the count. The good news is you’ll only need five steps – as we’ll show you in this piece. However, before that let’s take a moment to talk about the dangers of downtime, and what you need to do before migrating your site.

Why Avoiding Downtime Is Important When You Move Your WordPress Website

One of the first questions you may ask yourself is: What’s the point of going through these steps just to avoid a little downtime? To answer this, we need to talk about the many ways that downtime can affect your website:

  1. It could cause confusion. A lot of users might be confused (maybe even believing you’ve shut down) if they find your website isn’t available – after all, every site should be up 24/7″.

How to Move Your WordPress Website to a New Host With No Downtime

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